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June 2021 - Austbrokers Terrace Insurance | Adelaide | Melbourne

For the future.

Aussie space startups reveal big expansion plans In a week of big announcements, three South Australian startups have furthered their plans to support the international space industry. All based in Adelaide, South Australia, the companies include Fleet Space Technologies, Inovor Technologies and Southern Launch. Southern Launch has been approved to conduct three rocket test launches […]

The widespread implications of cyber attacks

Whenever an organisation suffers a cyber attack, there is a significant human impact, which everyday citizens are only now just starting to realise the full impacts and consequences of. Cybersecurity is no longer something boards and businesses can relegate to the IT department. It has far reaching broader implications on trust, wellbeing and the community. […]

Good news story!

Nick Berry is crushing it across the globe. Nick Berry grew up on a small grain and wool production farm on Kangaroo Island finding astute ways to lengthen the life of old machinery and build new equipment. In the agricultural sector he found the seeds of his passion for mechanical engineering. A decade on, the […]

Need some inspiration to deliver more results? These four su...

In business, it is hard continually thinking of ideas, brainstorming and planning different ways to deliver results. There is always so much going on and mostly you just manage to get through what is expected of you instead of going that little bit extra each time. Things may be going well but why not push […]

What’s behind the boom in cyber cartels?

Ransomware cartels are employing new tactics to extort money, according to a new report by cyber risk analytics provider CyberCube. Gangs of cyber criminals are organising themselves along the lines of drug cartels and changing their strategy of attack in order to keep ahead of authorities’ efforts to stamp them out, according to the report, […]

Casual employment changes: Employment contracts key focus

Employment contracts will be key focus under new definition. It’s been less than a year since the infamous decision of Workpac Pty Ltd v Rossato, which confirmed (at the time) that the determination of whether an employee is casual depends on the ‘real substance, practical reality and true nature’ of the relationship. Parliament have now […]

Ransomware Attacks on Business

Over recent months there has been a dramatic increase in Ransomware claims currently being experienced by Cyber Insurers. The following are current statistics which demonstrate that all businesses should reassess their cyber security: • It was reported in November 2020 that over 60% of Australian organisations had suffered a ransomware attack in the previous 12 […]

Something to consider?

What is 3D printing? Understanding the technology that’s changing the way we manufacture everyday objects. 3D printing technology is changing the way we manufacture everything from toys and clothes to human tissue. The process of printing a three-dimensional object is known as additive manufacturing. A computer program tells the printer where to apply thin layers […]

Three questions SMEs should ask themselves to stay ahead of ...

Cyber-attacks and breaches have been on the rise since a mass migration to remote work in 2020. According to global cyber security leader, Microsoft, there are close to 8 trillion potential cyber events daily. For small-business owners, and anyone that’s not a cyber expert, that feels like a problem that’s too big to start to […]

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