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October 2021 - Austbrokers Terrace Insurance | Adelaide | Melbourne

How COVID has changed the way consumers choose businesses on...

Choosing a business online was once a relatively straightforward process. Customers would perform a search and simply select a nearby business with a high rating. COVID has changed the status quo. Today, consumers are incredibly nuanced and demand interactions and experiences that are convenient and memorable. However, for small businesses looking to stand out from […]

How SMEs can take a multi-faceted approach to environmental ...

Carbon emissions continues to be a key theme of climate change policy debate and businesses have started placing greater emphasis on achieving carbon neutrality. However, to be truly environmentally responsible, SME businesses would be wise to shift their focus beyond carbon emissions. It is not only important for SMEs to be sustainable to protect the […]

Reporting of ransomware payments to be mandatory

A new law is to be introduced requiring the reporting of ransomware incidents as the Australian Government makes clear it does not condone conceding to the demands of cyber criminals. A Ransomware Action Plan, published today, outlines the powers Australia will use to combat ransomware after the nation experienced a 15% rise in attacks reported […]

Australian technology start-up creates world’s most efficien

Solar start-up engineer Vince Allen knew he and his team had made something special in their laboratories. In the solar world, efficiency is a big deal. “The fundamental driving factors behind solar adoption come down to efficiency and cost,” Mr Allen said. “Being able to fabricate the most efficient commercial-sized solar cell is an achievement […]

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How COVID has changed the way consumers choose businesses online
Choosing a business online was once a relatively straightforward process. Customers would perform a search ...


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