As Insurance Brokers we work on behalf of our clients, not the insurers. We are committed to adding value to the process of arranging insurance coverage on behalf of our clients because, if we fail in this endeavour, we have failed to do our job.

Ian Kennedy, Director

Why we're different

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We believe the role of an insurance broker is vital. Many of us haven’t got the time or understanding to organise insurances that provide adequate cover in the event a loss - which is the only reason we have insurance in the first place. We, the broker, work for our clients, not the insurers.

It is this function that earns our keep. Every client is unique, whether they want to cover renovations to a home, a heritage listed building, a business importing overseas, a family holiday or a company with exposure to the vagaries of government legislation and industry regulations etc.

We paint that "one off" picture for the insurer, represented by a person sitting in an office trying to understand your needs. We understand what is relevant to both you and them, and use that expertise to tailor a cost effective solution.

Not everyone wants their ‘Happy Meal’ upgraded or requires pickle on their burger.

We've done our job only when our client has paid for what they want and need.



Insurance claims support from Austbrokers Terrace

Claims Support

Claims happen, often at the worse times and in the worst way. They may not be large claims, but can still throw you and your business or family into temporary disarray. We've structured our office so  we have claims specialists ‘in house’, people that have no part in the sales side of the business; they are paid by us simply to assist our clients when we are needed most. When we took this step some years ago, we went from being just another insurance broker to a company structured to genuinely meet our clients' needs.


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Our Scope

Like all businesses, there comes a time when management needs to determine what sort of services they wish to provide and, invariably, this leads to playing to the strengths of your people, or specializing in a specific area. Insurances have many nuances and it's virtually impossible to expect one individual to have an intimate understanding of all policies. Consequently, we've structured a team of Senior Brokers that contribute their own unique skills and knowledge. In this way we can match a specific broker to a client’s needs. While we can rightfully boast a portfolio comprising major corporate clients, we enthusiasticly provide our services to both families and small business alike.



Adelaide Insurance Risk Management by Austbrokers TerraceRisk Management

Business complexities make life more challenging than ever before so we understand clients often need more than insurance advice and support in the event of a claim. Our Senior Brokers are skilled in understanding and advising on the elements of risk management, whether it be profiling, gap analysis, business interruption reviews or business continuity planning.

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Cyber Liability Insurance Cover

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