Heavy Motor Insurance, and to a lesser extent Fleet Insurance, is never easy for business owners to understand when arranging cover. The market is often quite limited, and there are various ways of insuring these assets, whether it be self-insuring a portion of the risk or taking higher excesses to reduce premiums. You can even choose to insure the entire risk, or a hybrid version of both. Irrespective, it’s always a difficult decision and one that can prove costly if ill advised.

Not every insurance broker seeks this business due to some of these complexities, but we do. We believe it’s paramount for a business that carts freight of any kind, whether local or interstate, to seek out our specialists for knowledgeable advice and practical solutions. And, remember, while sometimes business owners understand their ‘on road’ exposures, it’s often the static risks, such as customers goods that sit in your place of business, that can also cause financial hardship if not correctly insured.

We’ll work with you to provide a clear understanding of the issues for you and your partners.