Embarrassing And Desrtuctive.

The Ashley Madison cyber breach was the world’s largest of 2015. 
All data breaches are scary, but some just have that extra scream factor.
In arguably the most embarrassing data breach of the bunch, a group calling itself “The Impact Team” stole 37 million records from the adultery website , including many records that customers had paid to have deleted.
Virtually all of the company’s data was stolen in the hack, including records that suggest most female accounts on the site are fake, and that the company used female chat bots to trick men into spending money.

In short, this event was disasterous on many fronts, but if nothing else, it should be a wake up to any business that you are vulnerable, and the consequences to the many aspects of a cyber breach can taken many forms, none of which are simple, but a call to Austbrokers Terrace can eliminate the ‘loss’ aspect of such events by having the appropriate Insurance Policy in place.

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