The facts on employees on fleets

A leading Insurer has called on employers to improve and adopt safe vehicle fleet policy in a bid to reduce staff injuries and avoid preventable fatalities on the road.

They have called on employers to invest in their fleets in a bid to curb the most common cause of death in the Australian workplace.

A spokesman for the company provided the following insight.

“Car incidents are the leading cause of work-related fatalities and an employer’s choice of car for their staff can significantly reduce injury and even prevent a tragic death”  

“Investing in the safest car, ideally an ANCAP 5-Star rated vehicle, is what all employers should be committing to. Ensuring the safety of your employees on the road should be the number one priority.”







The calls for safer work practices when it comes to fleets follows the launch of a new campaign to highlight the benefits of a safe vehicle fleet policy as Cornish stressed that NRMA only purchase 5-star rated vehicles for their staff.

The National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) is a collaborative network of Australian businesses and organisations in a bid to build road safety through sharing information and resources.

The organisation has released a new video to highlight the benefits of fleet safety and, Mark Stephens, fleet operations manager at UnitingCare Queensland, said that safe vehicle policy at their business has already saved lives.

“We’ve seen firsthand how important this is after one of our staff was involved in a head-on collision. Instead of a potentially tragic and horrific situation, we had our employee back to work within a week of the accident. The policy makes sense for our people but also our business.

“The safe fleet policy is a simple yet highly effective way to make a meaningful commitment to your staff and to the safety of all the road users,” Stephens continued