What is cyber crime? Cyber crime encompasses almost any criminal activity that can be perpetrated via the internet and computers

Cyber crimes include cyber-stalking, industrial espionage and information theft, fraud, extortion, identity theft, phishing scams and cyber terrorism. Cyber criminals use malware and viruses, computer and network hacking, denial of service attacks and fraudulent online scams to perpetrate their crimes. They find it relatively easy to access computers and networks inadequately protected by virus software or passwords. They will also directly steal laptops, computers and mobile devices and take advantage of computers that are left unattended.

Cyber crime costs Australian businesses $4.5 billion annually, yet it remains one of the least insured policy areas. Insurance & Risk Professional delves into a high-risk world that’s up until now being largely ignored by brokers and your clients.

Passwords, email, social networking and out-of date software all provide opportunities for cybercriminals. To prevent attacks:

  1. Protect your computer with both a firewall and an anti-virus program. Keep your anti-virus program up-to- date and remember to renew your annual subscription
  2. Back-up all important data. Viruses and malware can destroy vital information.
  3. Create a password of more than six characters with a combination of letters and numbers. Do not save the password on your computer or share it with others and change it regularly.
  4. Email is the most likely route for viruses and hackers. Do not open any email attachments from people you do not know.
  5. Use the privacy settings on social networking sites to prevent malicious access to your personal information.

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