We Don’t Make This Stuff Up!

The Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN) revealed that it received more than 39,000 reports of cybercrime throughout 2015.

ACORN continues to boost law enforcement efforts as it provides an easy way for those affected by cybercrime to report their issues but cyber threats are expected to increase over the coming year.

It was also found that Victoria received the highest number of cybercrime reports with Queensland and New South Wales making up the top three.

Michael Keenan MP, the minister for justice and minister assisting the Prime Minister on counter-terrorism, revealed the startling number this week as the both individuals and businesses come to grips with cyber risk.

“As Australia’s reliance on technology grows, and online shopping remains an increasingly attractive option for busy Australians, the cost and incidence of cybercrime is expected to increase” Keenan said.

“I encourage all members of the public to be vigilant online and to work together to ensure a safer and more secure digital environment for all Australians by reporting to the ACORN.”

Keegan noted that the leading types of cybercrime reported to ACORN are online fraud and scams which account for over 19,000 reports or 49% of the total number.

“Online trading issues which affect Australians who buy and sell goods online were the second highest type of cybercrime reported; the ACORN received 8,368 reports which accounts for 22 per cent of total reports in 2015,” Keegan continued.

Different tactics employed by cybercriminals were also noted by ACORN as Keegan listed the most used areas used online.

“Over the past year, email, social networking, and website advertising have been the top three reported online channels used by cybercriminals to target their victims.”