Insurance blog site,, did a survey of people about what matters to them when buying insurance; and compared the differences between buying insurance direct versus through a broker. Their results concluded that the following factors are most important to consumers, in order of importance:

1. Cost
2. Ease
3. Speed
4. Peace of mind that everything is covered
5. Security of personal data

Their results found:

1. Costcontrary to popular consumer belief broker pricing has been found to be better than direct insurance pricing.
2. Ease: survey respondents found dealing with brokers a much more pleasant and efficient experience.
3. Speed: speed and efficiency was higher with brokers throughout the policy life cycle.
4. Peace of mind that everything is covered: brokers are more efficient at cross-checking policies and educating/helping customer with questions etc.
5. Security of personal data: perception of security varied between online insurance and phone insurance, as well as by the size of the insurer vs size of broker. However, overall trust conveyed by brokers was found to be superior in the eyes of the customer.

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