We have all seen the sporting mascots that make up part of the scenery and fabric of sporting events, examples being the Camry Crow or Tommy ‘Thunda’ Power.

From there we usually wonder who or what is under that suit, and whether it is claustrophobic, hot, uncomfortable etc.

Well we now have a team member who can answer all of those questions – Narelle Fletcher.

As well as being a long standing and highly respected part of Austbrokers Terrace , Narelle now adds ‘Eddie the Eagle’ to her resume’.

Eddie is the team mascot for the Woodville West Torrens Football Club, and performs on match days, dancing with (sort of) the Eagles Cheer Leaders as part of the pregame entertainment, walking the mounds and terraces selling raffle tickets and slapping high fives with every kid from 2 to 90.

For the record, Narelle is the type of selfless supporter that keeps clubs functioning at a grass roots level, and we applaud her enthusiasm and commitment to the club she loves.