A difficult fight to win!

Insurers have had to step in after a particularly plucky peacock caused over $6000 dollars’ worth of damage to cars by attacking his own reflection.

Percy the peacock has been causing havoc at a countryside visitor attraction in the United Kingdom by getting a little too riled up during breeding season and the attractions insurers have had to step in.

The seven-year-old male has been confined to his quarters after the attractions insurers told the manager, Richard Craddock, that premiums could sky-rocket thanks to damage he has caused, The Daily Mirror reported.

“Visitors love Percy, he is very much part of the experience here,” Craddock said.

“But he thinks his reflection is a rival and this has meant that he has caused some damage to vehicles.

“As soon as he spots his reflection he’ll charge at it and start pecking like mad.”

Craddock noted that the insurers stepped in thanks to a costly incident with a BMW a year ago.

“Our insurance company said we can’t afford to have him outside anymore, and to be fair it’s not great having a peacock causing thousands of pounds of damage about,” Craddock said of Percy’s exploits.

“He jumps onto the cars and starts to really go at the windscreen pecking and scratching them.

“Last year he caused £3,000 ($6398) of damage to a brand new BMW, and he’s cost us thousands more over the years.”

“So, reluctantly after discussions with our insurers, we are keeping him in his generous pen when the public are here during the months of June, July, August and September.”

Like many a young, aggressive male it has taken the female touch to calm Percy down as he shares his new pad with girlfriend, Priscilla.

“He had become such a nuisance with all the staff and visitors, so I’m glad Priscilla has sorted him out,” Craddock told The Daily Mirror.

“She’s already done a great job, I just hope they don’t lay another Percy.”