“It won’t happen to me”

The above title could also be ‘famous last words’

The point is , we do ‘get it’. 

We all make judgements based on knowledge and history, and make snap decisions daily based on weighing up the risk.

We ‘risk’ swimming with 5,000 fellow beachgoers on a hot day knowing that there may be a shark trolling the coast, but would feel differently if informed of a sighting nearby and you were the only person taking to the water. Commonsense decision based on some logical data. The odds just aren’t worth it.

Yet many clients make decisions on their insurance risks based on no or limited understanding. While they may understand some basic concepts that may minimise fire or burglary exposure, it is other areas of insurance that generally cause businesses the most potential for financial ruin.

We speak of Liability and Business Interruption. At the very least, speak with our broking team to make certain you are adequately covered in these areas. To not be adequately insured is to virtually be uninsured, and to be uninsured is to face losing all that you have built.

This isn’t an article to scare clients and potential clients into contacting us, but more an article to call on you to let us help you as your exposures may be very real and potentially catastrophic.