Australian businesses are being urged to join the battle to promote a greener environment by participating in Business Clean Up Day on Tuesday 2 March 2021.

Business Clean Up Day is an annual activity aimed to promote sustainability and environmental protection among businesses. It also seeks to help businesses demonstrate local and industry leadership, achieve greater team cohesion, show their support to their respective local communities, and demonstrate corporate social responsibility.

In response to COVID-19, Clean Up Australia has offered a range of new ways that participating businesses can take part. These include one-off clean up events, hosting competitive multi-site corporate challenges, or booking for virtual team-building sessions that aim to inspire and motivate their employees to reduce their environmental impact.

“With an increase in single-use plastics and disposable items during lockdown periods, there has never been a better time for Australian organisations to Step Up and look for impactful ways to support our communities,” Clean Up Australia Chairman, Pip Kiernan, said.

“This year, we also want Australian businesses to Step Up and think about the positive changes they can make for the environment every day, whether that’s reducing single-use plastics, using packaging with recycled content or reviewing procurement policies – every small change helps.

“Australian businesses can demonstrate a commitment to their community on Tuesday 2 March,” Kiernan added. “Of course, anyone who is unable to join a Clean Up this year can Step Up by donating to help us all year round.”

All of the proceeds raised during the event will go towards the provision of free resources and clean up materials to schools, youth groups and communities throughout the year.

Source: Inside Small Business