An issue which is not just happening in Queensland. We should all be making an effort and not just for one day.

This Fatality Free Friday, motoring group and insurance provider RACQ is urging motorists to make a conscious effort to drive safely every day, following a horror week on Queensland roads that saw 10 lives lost in just four days.

The annual initiative aims to achieve zero road-related deaths for one day in the calendar year, and ultimately, a longer-term community change.

“In a horrific four days, we’ve lost 10 lives across the state, bringing the road toll to 83 so far this year,” said Clare Hunter, RACQ spokesperson. “That’s 83 families mourning the loss of loved ones.

“Sadly, the vast majority of fatalities in Queensland are avoidable so this Fatality Free Friday we need to do everything we can to lower the number of people killed by road crashes. Drivers need to understand it’s not just about them – they can kill or seriously injure their passengers and other road users. While we know the tragedy a road death brings, what’s often under reported are the horrific injuries and long-lasting effects a person can suffer in a crash. The survivors of these crashes will have mental and physical scars for the rest of their lives.”

Hunter is also urging motorists to keep the Fatal Five in mind and to always drive safely and responsibly.

“We’re pleading with Queenslanders to take the responsibility of driving seriously,” Hunter said. “Never allow yourself to speed, drive while tired or affected by drugs or alcohol, avoid distractions like your mobile phone, and make sure everyone is buckled up. When you’re behind the wheel, make sure you pay attention to road and weather conditions and modify your driving accordingly. Leave at least two seconds’ clear space between you and the car in front and at least double that in wet weather or if you’re towing. It may sound basic, but these are the behaviours that could potentially save your life.”

Source: Insurance Business Australia