Customers are highly motivated to seek value. They have a desire to belong and be part of something greater than a product or service. They’re driven to be part of a brand, a community or even a purpose. As much as their intention is to seek a solution to their problem, a brand connection is ultimately what they are looking for.

Customer value is the most important aspect in acquiring and developing profitable customer relationships and understanding their value and the connection they seek, will assist brands in not only solving the problem they have but also in connecting with their customer and continuing to provide value.

Here are three reasons why creating an ideal customer is more important than selling your product or service.

  1. You are something to someone instead of nothing to everyone
    Who your target market or ideal customer is, represents just one part of the picture. Your product or service may appeal or be needed by everyone, however, marketing to a specific customer segment will allow you to provide value to a specific customer who needs and wants your product or service right now. Establishing a specialised market – for your brand is essential to stand out and create a go-to brand for your customers, and as a result, acquiring sales will become a lot easier.

The personality of the target customer will then inform the tone, message and content of your marketing and determine your approach, always with their value in mind.

  1. Always have someone to sell to
    With your ideal customer in mind, you are able to ensure your products and services are directed to that specific customer. While developing a business requires the creation of products and services to sell to a customer, what is even more important is having a customer to sell to.

Developing an ideal customer and building your product or service around this is more important than selling a service as you are considering the customer and their needs, before selling to them. By doing this, they are more likely to buy because they feel seen, heard, and understood. By focusing on the customer and the value, the sales will come.

  1. Nurture your audience to become lifelong customers instead of one-hit wonders
    Reward recurring customers before attracting new ones. Take the time to show appreciation and value to your current customers through a loyalty program, incentives or rewards. This not only helps your customers to feel valued and seen, but it is also essential in understanding their buying behaviour, purchase frequency and average spend.

As a business, taking the time and effort to make all customers feel valued and to always provide value to them, where you can, will not only set you apart as a brand but ensure repeat purchase, repeat business and consistent sales. Creating an ideal customer will assist you with selling your goods and services and ensure you are always finding value in your approach, as a result, your reward will be loyal customers and consistent sales.

Source: Inside Small Business