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Revealed – travel insurance costs surging in Australia (Fina

Financial comparison site Mozo’s latest Travel Insurance Report for 2024 has brought attention to a significant surge in travel insurance costs for Australians. The financial comparison site revealed a noteworthy 24% average increase in travel insurance expenses across essential, comprehensive, cruise, and ski policies over the past 12 months. The research outlined specific areas where […]

“Ignore, delete and block”: Australians urged to be on alert

Australian regulators and agencies have warned Australian taxpayers to be extra vigilant during tax time this year and to be on alert for dodgy end-of-financial-year (EOFY) scams, with scammers likely to take advantage of Australians who are submitting tax returns or waiting for the outcome of an assessment. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) […]

Property risks warning: Don’t forget bushfires!

Australia could be going from “constant flooding to the real risk of bushfires,” says risk engineerProperty risks warning: Don’t forget bushfires! After last year’s incredible run of serious flooding, bushfire risk management plans may not be front and centre right now for insurance brokers and their customers’ properties. However, FM Global Australia’s Mike Hunneyball (pictured […]

Selling Yourself Short? Why You Should Avoid Underinsurance

Is your small business among the one in four that say they’ll go under if faced with a liability claim? That’s the alarming statistic from one insurer’s survey. More respondents said they would: .Lose clients .Expect less revenue .Have cash flow woes. At the crux is understanding the cost of and whether you would be […]

Rubbish collection in space

Space sweeper designed to vacuum up satellite debris An Adelaide-based startup is developing a trash compacting solution to help clear space debris. The space industry – and space junk – is booming, literally. Every year, a handful of satellites inexplicably explode, slowly filling heavily trafficked space lanes with deadly debris. The International Space Station has […]

How to handle a cyberattack

Latitude Holdings is the latest Australian company to experience a devasting cyberattack. The financial services company revealed that the personal information of 7.9 million customers has been stolen. Back in January, it was Australian property developer and construction company Meriton who experienced a cyberattack — and the list of companies doesn’t stop there. Optus, Medibank […]

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