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Something to help bring back the smile!

Whilst we were acknowledging and celebrating International Women’s Day a few days ago, Minnie Mouse received a “makeover”! “She’s one of the most famous characters on earth,” says Stella McCartney of working with a character like Minnie Mouse. “It’s incredible to see how happy she makes everyone, and how she’s in such a positive position […]

What states and territories are doing to help Australians bu...

Australian drivers are increasingly keen to make their next car electric, but high prices and the limited range of available models are keeping many from making the switch. State and territory governments are investing in charging infrastructure and offering a range of incentives, such as rebates and tax exemptions, to reduce the financial burden. So, […]

Good news story!

Bupa introduces Australia’s first ‘smart mouthguards’ Bupa Dental Care has partnered with HITIQ – which offers products supporting the identification, monitoring, and management of sport-related brain injury – to create the first high-tech mouthguard technology for junior and amateur athletes in Australia. The smart mouthguards – currently used by Rugby Union, AFL, and NRL players […]

BOM outlook signals a wetter-than-average autumn

As rain continues to smash the east coast, many are looking for a let up in the wet weather. Released today, the BOM’s latest model runs indicate rainfall is likely to be above-median for large parts of Australia. With the rest of the country expecting a fairly normal season. The outlook states, There is an […]

What Australian homeowners need to know about underinsurance

The vast majority of Australian households carry some form of home insurance, according to the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA). But the big question is – are they getting enough coverage? In an interview with financial comparison website Canstar, Lisa Kable, spokesperson for ICA, said that between 90% and 95% of all owner-occupied homes in […]

What Australians should consider when buying travel insuranc...

At the start of the month, the Australian government began easing its border restrictions, allowing fully vaccinated citizens and permanent residents to travel abroad and return without limitations. However, the government also warned that the lifting of restrictions does not indicate that international travel has returned to pre-pandemic conditions as border settings and quarantine requirements […]

Business Australia warns businesses to prepare for a rise in...

Cyber experts expect a rise in cyberattacks in 2022 as many businesses and organisations remain digital due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week, member-owned organisation Business Australia warned that now is a prime time for ransomware attacks. Last month, Emergence Insurance head of underwriting and product development Jeff Gonlin stated in a webinar for brokers […]

Why creating an ideal customer is more important than sellin...

Customers are highly motivated to seek value. They have a desire to belong and be part of something greater than a product or service. They’re driven to be part of a brand, a community or even a purpose. As much as their intention is to seek a solution to their problem, a brand connection is […]

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