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August 2016 | Austbrokers Terrace Insurance | Adelaide | Melbourne

Insurance Through Super

Most super funds offer life insurance for their members. If you haven’t done so, we would recommend you check with your superannuation fund what insurances you have as part of your policy. Super funds typically have three types of insurance for members: Life insurance; Total and permanent disability and Income protection. Read full article here. Source: Money Smart

Mr Whippy Fraudster Gets Licked

A man who chose the rocky road to profit is now paying the price of his insurance fraud scam with a suspended jail sentence. Barry Mark Sandmann, of Strood in Kent, used a Mr Whippy ice cream van to stage separate fake accidents around the UK, Insurance Age reported. Read full article here: Source: Insurance Business Online

Internet Terror Enters New Phase – Cyber Security

Internet Terror Enters New Phase – Cyber Security

The Australian Centre for Cyber Security (ACCS) at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Canberra has tagged the recent cyberattack on the US Presidential election as a major escalation in internet terror directed at liberal democracies. Read full article here. Source: Business Insurance Online

Why is the Right Public Liability Insurance Vital?

Public liability insurance provides cover for any awards of damages given to a member of the public because of damage to their property, or an injury to their person that was caused by you or your business. The protection offered by public liability insurance covers a broad spectrum of potential claims and, whilst it is not a […]

ASIC to Prioritise Cyber Resilience

ASIC to Prioritise Cyber Resilience

As cyber-attacks are becoming an ever-increasing risk for businesses, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission has identified cyber resilience as a key priority for ensuring that Australia’s financial markets are fair, orderly, transparent, and efficient. Read Full Article Here. Source: Insurance Business Online

Tips for Becoming a Landlord

There is more to being a landlord than unblocking the sink, collecting the rent and watching your investment grow. Domain have kindly provided some tips for successfully renting your property including taking out property insurance. Read full article here. Source: Domain Need to talk insurance? Contact us to start a discussion.

How Cybercrime Works

The point of nearly all malware is to make money. Cybercriminals have many methods to monetize their activity. Fortunately, the criminals must take many steps for the entire process to work. Every step along the way is another opportunity for us to break the chain needed for their efforts to be profitable. Click here to […]

Renters Insurance

Renters often don’t think about getting contents insurance. Young renters rely on their parent’s policies or just don’t think they own enough to warrant it. Many people think of contents insurance as something you get when you buy a house. AAMI’s new campaign sets out to change this perception. Contact us to discuss your rental insurance […]

Insurance Risk Warning for Airbnb Hosts

Some Airbnb hosts in Sydney are earning $30,000 per year by renting out their home to short-term visitors…  Airbnb can be a great income source for home owners, yet it’s a potential minefield when it comes to insurance. The business of renting your home for short-term accommodation isn’t regulated like the hotel industry, and safety […]

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