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April 2020 | Austbrokers Terrace Insurance | Adelaide | Melbourne

Ransomware setting sights on C-suite executives

C-suite executives will increasingly be targeted as cyber criminals look for ways to extort money from large corporations, according to a new report from cyber analytics provider CyberCube. Organised criminals and hackers are moving away from “high-volume, low-value” attacks, according to CyberCube. Instead, hackers are carefully selecting senior managers who have access to their companies’ […]

Coronavirus checklist: 10 steps to safeguard your business

With many office-based companies required to work from home, it can be stressful trying to manage the business and at the same time protect their employees, customers, and interests. David Luck (pictured), CEO of Capital on Tap, shared with Corporate Risk and Insurance a business health checklist, that aims to help leaders and risk managers […]

Maintaining building fire safety checks still essential

The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) has urged building owners and managers to continue fire protection safety checks and maintenance for commercial, industrial and residential buildings during COVID-19. ICA Head of Risk Karl Sullivan said the COVID-19 shutdowns did not remove the regulatory and insurance requirements for buildings to undergo fire protection inspections. Fire protection […]

How small business can weather the COVID-19 storm

The global COVID-19 pandemic has far-reaching repercussions for society, the health care system and the economy. Small- and medium-sized enterprises are going to be placed under tremendous pressure as people practice social distancing. Supply chains will be challenged, too. With the knock-on effects of COVID-19 impacting consumer behaviour, small businesses must be innovative and find […]

Austbrokers Terrace Information – Government Support Program

Austbrokers Terrace Information – Government Support Programs for COVID-19 (Correct as of 12pm 1st April 2020) There have been a substantial number of announcements and changes made in the past few weeks. With so much information to decipher, it will be difficult to keep up with what both the Federal and State Governments are doing […]

Cyber hackers ‘exploiting human emotion’ over COVID-19

Emotion and stress are running high. With the dark cloud of COVID-19 hanging over us, society has gone into survival mode. We’re trying to juggle working from home, while also caring for our families and home schooling our children. We’re trying to continue business as normal, while keeping our distance from others to prevent further […]

Temporary premises closure guide

Due to the coronavirus restrictions, many businesses are having to temporarily close, and allow staff to help sustain operations via home working. Zurich Australia has provided some general advice on how to protect business premises during temporary closures. If the Government restrictions continue for a significant period, further action may be required. This guidance is […]

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