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June 2020 | Austbrokers Terrace Insurance | Adelaide | Melbourne

The post-COVID-19 outlook for SMEs

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on economies around the world, causing financial pressure on consumers and businesses alike, leaving many SMEs fighting to survive. It’s important for SMEs across industries to start planning how they can take stock, recover and accelerate growth as we navigate the new normal, on the other side […]

Seven post-pandemic digital marketing tips no SME should mis...

Most small businesses have been experiencing major downtime as customers have been asked to stay away. Now restrictions are being lifted, it is the “What now?” question that has many of them scratching their heads. Whether you are operating as usually as possible or are in wait-and-weather-the-storm’ mode, this is a great time to get […]

Google, Salesforce and PwC have launched a free online platf...

There’s a new resource helping Aussie businesses recover from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Google, PwC and Salesforce launched a free online marketplace called ‘Project Spirit’, which lets Australian businesses work together to address challenges they’re facing during the coronavirus pandemic. The platform is about crowdsourcing people’s abilities and solutions in one place.You can […]

Four tips for business survival in COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, organisations find themselves needing to outmaneuver uncertainty and rapidly adjust to the changing needs of their people, customers and suppliers. Business owners must quickly adapt to address immediate challenges, regain stability within new conditions, and lay a foundation for the future to ensure continuity. While these are challenging […]

This new interactive map shows which parts of Australia are ...

Australia might be cooling down, but domestic travel is finally heating back up. As states and territories begin relaxing COVID-19 restrictions, those itching to get out of the house and out and about are in luck. However, given each region and major capital city has been affected differently, it’s going to be some time before […]

Australia re-opens: Seven ways to increase the likelihood cu...

As Australia starts to re-open retail stores, restaurants and workplaces, a key question everyone is asking is whether customers will follow. Even prior to government lockdowns, customer purchases were down, and in countries that have re-opened, purchases are still down. Hence, stores need to adjust. Based on academic and market research on customer behaviour, and […]

Pandemic has not only raised the risk of Cyber Crime but als...

Adapting to the new normal: Cyber security in the age of COVID-19 As employers around the world made the decision to have employees work from home wherever possible in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the safety of their people was top-of-mind — as it should be. But the sheer scale and speed with which […]

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