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January 2021 | Austbrokers Terrace Insurance | Adelaide | Melbourne

Five COVID-19 digital trends for SMEs that aren’t going away

COVID-19 hit the ‘GO’ button on many slow-moving digital trends, many of which have changed the landscape for small business immeasurably. But which ones are going to stick around and become a must-have for all business owners? In this article, we’ll explore five digital trends that have emerged or been amplified by COVID-19, and why […]

New tech to help combat bushfires

The Sunshine Coast companies have collaborated to produce what is widely considered to be the most advanced technology designed to detect, report, and extinguish bushfires. Fireball.International, Helitak Fire Fighting Equipment and McDermott Aviation have pooled their expertise to design a series of Artificial Intelligence systems that collect and analyse data of ground-based sensors, cameras and […]

Allianz reveals how COVID-19 has impacted motorists

Australia went into lockdown when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, changing the way Australians used vehicles and roads – and Allianz has shed light on how much the pandemic impacted motorists. According to Allianz’s research, three quarters (74%) of Australians saw a change in their commuting times. Peak commuting times changed from 8am to 9am and […]

COVID pandemic highlights importance of risk management

The unprecedented scale of disruption brought about by the COVID-19 crisis has tested the resilience of virtually all industries and organizations. Many emerging markets – such as India, the world’s second most populous country – were hit hard, with the Indian economy shrinking by almost 24% between April and June 2020. According to the Excellence […]

Five ways small businesses can be more efficient in 2021

According to Judo Bank, around 160,000 of Australia’s two million small businesses could go under as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there are steps SMEs can consider taking to position themselves favourably against their competitors when looking ahead to surviving and thriving in 2021. The pandemic has forced businesses to rethink and consider […]

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