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July 2016 | Austbrokers Terrace Insurance | Adelaide | Melbourne

Why do you need Home Insurance?

Looking to buy your first home and in the market for a house, apartment, unit or townhouse? If you are a first home buyer, understanding how home insurance can protect you and your investment is extremely important. A home is a valuable investment. And when you do make the commitment to purchase your first home, […]

Top 6 Beauty Industry Claims

AAMI’s claims data reveals the top 6 claims for small businesses in the beauty industry such as beauticians, hairdressers and nail technicians are: 1. Fire and storm damage 2. Glass 3. Theft 4. Money 5.Back in Business 6. Public Liability See PDF here. Source: Business Insurance Hub/AAMI  

Travel Insurance in the Ski Season

Brisbane lawyer and management consultant Robert Lake has been skiing for 25 years. He takes nothing for granted when taking out insurance for his skiing trips, and never assumes that the policy he took out last year will necessarily provide the same cover this year. “You can’t make assumptions when it comes to travel insurance. […]

Climate Change, Best Fought with Insurers

The Seattle Timesquoted Mike McGavick, CEO of XL Group, as saying: “The job of anticipating and modelling risks is in the wheelhouse of the insurance industry, and risk modelling is a gateway to resilience.” Joe Casola, Deputy Director of the Climate Impacts Group at the University of Washington, in theSeattle Times states, “climate change offers […]

Incensed Canadian Bikers Turn to Brokers After Premium Hikes

Incensed Canadian Bikers Turn to Brokers After Premium Hikes

In Canada, a number of motor cycle policyholders – often with clean driving records – have seen premiums rise substantially in 2015, upwards of 20%. TD General Insurance and Certas Home Direct have led the hikes with increases of 18.41 – 21.06% and together they hold 70% market share.  Following the almost 20% price, the […]

Insurance Lawyers Affected by Disaster Dip in NZ

The first major Canterbury, New Zealand earthquake occurred six years ago, however the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes continue to be a key driver of work for insurance lawyers. As time progresses though, the volume of work is steadily decreasing. Click here to read full article. Source: Insurance Business Online

Supreme Court to Hear Fraud Case During Hurricane Katrina

America’s highest court agreed to hear an appeal by State Farm contesting a previous ruling that the insurer defrauded the federal government when assessing damage caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Previously, witnesses had testified that State Farm pressured engineers to rule that damage to homes along the Mississippi Coast following Katrina was caused by […]

Governments Calls for ‘Cyber Militia’

Governments Calls for ‘Cyber Militia’

The University of Calgary was forced to pay more than $CA20,000 ($26,745) to cyber criminals after an advanced attack on its computer network recently using ransomware. Even large organizations with sophisticated cyber protections are at risk. Make sure your business is protected and speak to us about how we can source the best cyber insurance […]

Battling Cyber Threats Begins With Employee Education

As businesses become more reliant on technology the issue of cyber security increases. All organizations must undertake cyber security based on three crucial elements: risk assessment, new security tools and the human element. The best security measures are not effective without human action and intervention. Ensure that your staff, at all levels are trained in […]

Airbus Defends Against 12 Big Cyber Attacks Yearly

Civil aircraft manufacturer Airbus Group is hit by up to 12 major systems attacks each year, its chief information security officer has revealed, mostly through ransomware and state-sponsored hackers. According to Stephane Lenco, from Airbus, defence is particularly difficult against state-sponsored cyber attackers who “will try everything” to break in, and if successful, “will go after […]

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