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September 2020 - Austbrokers Terrace Insurance | Adelaide | Melbourne

Running a small business the way a Formula One team runs a r...

Formula One (F1) racing is a sport unlike any other. World-class engineering teams tweak and tinker their cars and engines to allow racers to get ahead by a fraction of a second to win the race. But even the fastest cars could not outrace the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. With a significant impact on […]

B2B SMEs: it’s time to refocus, reignite, and rise

In case you have noticed, there is no turning back! As businesses resume out of lockdown, they are facing the “new normal”. For those of us operating in a business-to-business (B2B) context, this will be characterised by: -Increased number of decision-makers.-Purchased decisions made by consensus.-Tighter budgets.-Highly demanding, risk-averse buyers.-Selling virtually. Unlike the pandemic, these conditions […]

The future faces of on-line business?

Meet the “savvy” high-schoolers who created a booming e-commerce platform during COVID-19 This has not been an easy year to launch a new business. But, three high school students from Strathcona Girls Grammar have done just that. And, after a successful soft launch, they’re preparing for growth. Pre-COVID-19, aspiring entrepreneurs Audrey Hillard, Kate Henry and […]

Digital defamation – how to protect your business online

Until recently, Australia’s defamation laws hadn’t seen significant change since 2005 – when Facebook was only one year old and iPhones didn’t exist – but we’re now on the precipice of a defamation law “digital makeover”. While cases continue to go before the courts and reforms are introduced and tested, uncertainty remains about who is […]

Are you ready for an emergency?

The National Preparedness Week, 31 August – 6 September 2020, an initiative of the Australian Red Cross, helps individuals and businesses plan for emergencies. Australian Red Cross, Chief Executive Officer, Judy Slatyer said, “What we know from working in disasters for over 100 years, is being prepared can make an emergency less stressful, give people […]

How to give your business a data protection health check ami...

The coronavirus continues to hurt the wellbeing of each and everyone one of us, affecting everyday life and the global economy. Office shutdowns have been ordered by governments and many businesses are now working with an entirely remote workforce for the first time. Keeping productivity as high as possible and eliminating IT-led outages is going […]

Deliver at all costs: The three secrets to landing and keepi...

More than a decade ago, my co-founder Tim Molloy and I were selling neckties across a few locations in Melbourne and Sydney. We had quality stock and it was a high-margin product, so for a few years, we did really well out of it. Then, thanks to a combination of changing fashion (where officewear trended […]

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