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June 2019 - Austbrokers Terrace Insurance | Adelaide | Melbourne

SA school teaching kids jobs of the future

Although this article was first published in 2017 it is still worth re-visiting. Hope you enjoy reading about school students being given an insight to jobs of the future. Fast forward 20 years and could the students of today be earning a living by making flying cars, travelling to space or building robots? One thing […]

Al Gore: Artificial intelligence will lead the “sustainabili

Former US Vice President Al Gore has highlighted the role of technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning in the fight against climate change. Speaking at a CEDA-sponsored lunch in Brisbane earlier this month, Gore, who since leaving office has founded the Climate Reality Project, said we’re in the “early stages of a sustainability […]

How digital transformation is driving real change in key ind...

Digital transformation (DX) is permeating every vertical market, and industries are looking to evolve to better align with their customers’ changing requirements. The result is the development and integration of cutting edge technologies and a change of methodology to improve processes. DX is radically changing how organisations operate and is shaking up industries at speed. […]

Human Aerospace’s founders are ensuring tech developed for s

Dr James Waldie and Dr Gordon Cable founded Human Aerospace in Adelaide, South Australia this year to ensure technologies developed from future space explorations also offer terrestrial benefits. “I think people forget all of the research and money that’s spent on space has a huge amount of return on investment in terms of the technology […]

The cost of crashing into a kangaroo is real, with Aussie dr...

Kangaroo collisions are costing Australian drivers more than $6 million in excess on insurance claims a year, according to research from Huddle Insurance’s ‘Roo Report’. The average vehicle damage costs after a kangaroo crash are estimated to be around $4,000. More than 7,000 drivers are involved in, and claim for, kangaroo collisions in Australia every […]

New app to assist Australians understand severe weather risk...

The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) has developed a mobile phone and tablet app called MyHazards, that summarises the severe weather-related and natural disaster risks that could potentially affect homes and businesses. ICA CEO Rob Whelan said: “The MyHazards app has been designed to help householders and businesses across Australia, by simply putting in the […]

The tax time scams targeting your business and how to avoid ...

Accountants and bookkeepers are making hay while the sun shines in the lead up to tax time — but they aren’t the only ones. Cyber security experts are predicting an increase in scam activity targeting small-to-medium businesses over the next month as fraudsters ramp up their tax time scams. Large-scale data breaches have put downward […]

RACQ issues timely reminder to Queensland motorists

An issue which is not just happening in Queensland. We should all be making an effort and not just for one day. This Fatality Free Friday, motoring group and insurance provider RACQ is urging motorists to make a conscious effort to drive safely every day, following a horror week on Queensland roads that saw 10 […]

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