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February 2021 | Austbrokers Terrace Insurance | Adelaide | Melbourne

How to set up your SME to thrive in a post-COVID-19 world

From remote work and digital dependence to “Zoom fatigue” and quick business pivoting, the coronavirus crisis has transformed the workplace as we knew it. The twin impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on health and economics has made 2020 a difficult year for many. Our data shows six out of 10 businesses reported sales losses of […]

Social media activity exposing many people to cyber risks –

Nearly three quarters of people post information on social media that could make them vulnerable to a cyberattack, according to a new report from security company Tessian. The report, titled “How to Hack a Human,” found that 84% of people post on their social media accounts every week, with 42% posting every day. Many of […]

Aussie businesses urged to “step up” for the environment

Australian businesses are being urged to join the battle to promote a greener environment by participating in Business Clean Up Day on Tuesday 2 March 2021. Business Clean Up Day is an annual activity aimed to promote sustainability and environmental protection among businesses. It also seeks to help businesses demonstrate local and industry leadership, achieve […]

Positive thoughts in tough times

Last year as we navigated through the pandmeic, and continue to do so, through bushfires, through flood and personal loss we all looked for a hero and motivation to keep going. Last year a centenarian from England showed us the way. Yesterday, unfortunately, that person, Captain Sir Tom Moore, passed away. His words and his […]

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