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August 2015 - Austbrokers Terrace Insurance | Adelaide | Melbourne


Bad balance! A 12-year-old Taiwanese boy who accidentally tripped and fell, punching his fist through an antique painting valued at $2.1 million, has joined a growing list of art fumblers keeping insurance companies busy. The trip, which looked like something out of a Charlie Chaplin movie, saw the boy stumble over the rope barrier intended […]

Drones – An interesting read

The rising risk of drones An ever-increasing range of applications have made drones the highest flying aviation sector in terms of growth but a leading insurance authority has warned of key risks that threaten to ground the industry. A new report from Lloyd’s predicts that expenditure on drone acquisition alone is expected to double to […]

Lost mobile phone tales from the public!

Too bizarre to be a lie! Here’s a moral dilemma for you. If you lost your mobile phone up a cow’s behind, would you come clean (as it were) to your insurance company? Or just pretend you’d left it on the bus? All things considered, we think we’d probably go for the latter option. However, […]

Are we prepared for flood?

Could we handle flood? A leading expert has criticised Australia’s readiness for flood following storms which hit Sydney and New South Wales this week. The weather, which saw hail the size of 20 cent coins and severe weather conditions hit Sydney and the New South Wales south coast, saw many areas affected by flash flooding. […]

Understanding Business Interruption

Some Guidance on Business Interruption This is an article written by Dr Allan Manning, probably the foremost expert in respect to Business Inrterruption in Australia, its implications and benefits.We trust the read will be worthwhile and if it provokes any queries please contact the Austbroker Terrace team immediately. As follows – The first two months […]

Clare Dilliway

Clare Dilliway

While watching the centre go down in flames, we had to ask ourselves the big question of whether to close it down or find a way to make it work. And with staff and parents arriving at 6.30 am that day, we made the quick decision to be positive and get it back up and […]

Adam Fletcher

Adam Fletcher

Since utilising Austbrokers Terrace in 2002, the requirements related to professional indemnity, public liability, business equipment, property, and other policies has become significantly more diverse and complex. At all times, our broker has been able to rapidly reassess what products were best for us – based on cost, quality of cover, and other factors. I […]

Joseph Forni

Joseph Forni

Greg Thomas has always given me the most outstanding service. Thanks to him I had peace of mind that my beauty salon was protected with the correct insurance cover and I was better able to understand my policy clearly once he explained the cover in layman’s terms. When I needed to make a claim on […]

Construction and Credit Insurance

A fragile economy is when insurance is most needed Following is an article that is relevant to many businesses. It comes as no surprise that when times are tough insolvencies increase, and we are faced with that economic climate right now. Our team are capable of sourcing  the right Credit Insurance to provide you with […]

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