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March 2016 | Austbrokers Terrace Insurance | Adelaide | Melbourne

The cost of Aussie disasters

Our premiums help pay the claims At Austbrokers Terrace we are proud that our clients have largely been fortunate in respect to claims. This isn’t to say our policy holders are impervious to bad luck, it is more that most of our clients live in suburban Adelaide where we have been fortunate to escape some […]

The cyber articles just keep coming – please read !

More cyber stories ……. The rapid growth of cyber risk could have a negative ratings impact on insurers, Fitch has warned. The global ratings agency noted that cyber is the fastest growing segment in property and casualty insurance with an estimated US$3 billion in premiums placed so far in 2015 with the market expected to […]

A Ticklish Issue

Nothing To Laugh About After all! A Kiwi TV journalist and the director of the Sundance film Tickled, David Farrier, has been taken to court by David D’Amato, who is featured in the film and is the son of the late US legal giant of insurance law, George D’Amato. Known for his interest in reporting […]

Professional Advice And/Or Service – Which Is Which?

A Legal Discussion That Is Worth Reading Lior Maiser of LMI Legal kindly provided me with this synopsis of a recent court case addressing this topic. Lior writes:Liability policies, other than professional indemnity policies, frequently contain exclusions for liability arising from “professional advice or service”. The reasoning is that liability for professional services is, more […]

Only In America !

Austbrokers Terrace Promise Our Clients A Less Confronting Greeting! A Georgia insurance agency is making waves thanks to its owner’s requirement that all employees “enjoy and use the right to bear arms.” At Lance Toland Associates, workers in all three of the company’s Georgia offices – including 10 women and two men – are obligated […]

Ice Cream Headache!

Ice Cream Headache!

Austbrokers Terrace Bring You Some More Crazy Insurance Tales Want to know what the scoop on ice cream is? It turns out that a moment of yummy frozen sweetness on the lips also meant painful injuries to the hip for one unfortunate New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) claimant this summer. The total costs for […]

Ransomware – War Is Declared On Businesses

When malware goes to war: South California hospital unable to relax in the face of US$3.6 million (£2.4 million) demand from attackers  From time to time one our loyal clients come across an article that they believe would be of interest to others.  One such article follows and we thank them for their contribution! – […]

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Happy New Year
From all at Austbrokers Terrace, we wish you a happy, safe and prosperous New Year ...


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