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March 2017 | Austbrokers Terrace Insurance | Adelaide | Melbourne

Prevent Fraud in Your Small Business

If you are a small business which has not experienced a fraud, you are in a lucky minority and the numbers suggest you could be next. That’s the message from Curtin Business School following research that found that one in eight Australian small businesses had been targeted by scammers and had spent up to 100 […]

Protecting Intellectual Property

If you’ve ever developed a new product or formulated a new business idea, you’ve most likely grappled with the question of whether you should protect it legally in some way.  It can be a confusing issue, for sure, and many small business owners and entrepreneurs don’t seem to have a solid grasp of how, why […]

Investing in IT Security

The Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian Red Cross, British Airways, Home Depot, Kmart, Last Pass, LinkedIn, Sony Pictures, Target, and Yahoo. What do all these companies have in common?   They are just a small portion of the growing number of organisations that have been hacked or had their data or security breached and consequently […]

What Information is Needed at Claim Time?

Hopefully, you haven’t been in a position where you’ve had to make too many insurance claims. However, things can go wrong and your insurer is there to help in these circumstances.   If you’re not familiar with making a claim, you might be a little confused as to what information your insurer will need to […]

Cyber Insurance is Vital

Cyber cover will become a must buy for all businesses, one global head has said, with brokers set to play a “huge” role in the development of the product. Inga Beale, CEO of Lloyd’s,  told Insurance Business that cyber insurance will become a must-have for all manner of businesses as the risk landscape continues to […]

How to Recognise Scam or Hoax Emails or Websites

Scam and hoax websites and emails are designed to: trick you into disclosing personal information such as bank account details, passwords or credit card numbers con you into paying money for fake get-rich-quick offers, prizes or lottery wins, or fraudulent or poor quality goods. Be suspicious of emails from people or businesses you don’t know, and unexpected […]

Insurance Broker vs Off The Shelf Insurance

The insurance industry has evolved significantly over the last decade. Now, small business owners can choose whether they want to meet a broker face to face to discuss their needs, order an insurance policy online or even pick up a policy while going through the supermarket check-out.   Aggregator sites have also commoditised business insurance, […]

Cybercrime is the ‘New Normal’

Australian businesses must realise that they need to adapt faster than ever, now that cybersecurity is ranked on par with other national security concerns, says RSM Australia. The country’s new data breach notification laws now indicate there is a compelling message for businesses, which must now ensure their business systems and client data are secure […]

What Currency Should You Pay In When You Travel?

Local or home currency? AUS or USD? If you’ve travelled abroad recently, you’re often asked this question when paying by credit card. While in an ideal world there’s shouldn’t be a difference between the two prices, turns out there definitely is, and it’s a way to get more money from you, and make your trip […]

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