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Thinking about the future..

Thinking about the future..

Sugar cane straws to replace plastic and paper at 180 Australian cinemas. Eco startup Little Green Panda has formed a partnership with Independent Cinemas Australia (ICA) which will open the way for compostable, plastic-free straws to be served in 180 cinemas across the country. As a preferred partner of ICA, Little Green Panda will enable […]

Why creating an ideal customer is more important than sellin...

Customers are highly motivated to seek value. They have a desire to belong and be part of something greater than a product or service. They’re driven to be part of a brand, a community or even a purpose. As much as their intention is to seek a solution to their problem, a brand connection is […]

All I want for Christmas is for companies to revisit their b...

There are only four weeks left until Christmas and five weeks until the official end of 2021. Australians are already flexing their purchasing muscles in anticipation of the holiday period. While many businesses expected the worst of COVID to have passed them in 2020, this year was equally challenging. Post-COVID growth is not going to […]

Interesting Read!

British aircraft manufacturing company Rolls-Royce launched its new “Spirit of Innovation” all-electric plane on September 15, propelled by the industry’s most power-dense battery ever engineered for an aircraft. For its first flight, the plane took off from the UK Ministry of Defence’s Boscombe Down site, which has a long history of experimental flying, and soared […]

Four steps to protect your data from disaster

Businesses are at greater risk than ever from data loss, from human errors to cyberattacks or plain unforeseen incidents. As a highly experienced managed IT support provider for small businesses, Adelaide-based Forerunner Computer Systems have come across their fair share of data horror stories. One recent incident occurred when a fire broke out at a […]

Why all this weather? An abbreviated explanation

Spring and summer can often be unstable seasons in Australia, but as many parts of the country emerge from yet another wild weekend of weather it seems like we’re getting more than our fair share at the moment. And it’s not just a hunch – insurers’ figures back it up. As reported by, personal […]

Collecting COVID-19 vaccine information: Your privacy obliga...

It’s easy to overlook the privacy implications While businesses in Victoria are familiarising themselves with the recently issued Directions regarding the vaccination status of employees and customers, the privacy implications of collecting vaccination records can easily be overlooked or misunderstood. Businesses need to be aware of privacy law requirements for collecting, using, and disclosing vaccination […]

Eight ways Australians households can safeguard against thef...

An estimated 238,100 homes, or 2.4%, of all Australian households have experienced a break-in in the past financial year, the latest crime victimisation survey from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has revealed. During the period, an additional 1.9%, or 185,800 homes, have encountered an attempted break-in, while 0.6%, or 62,800 households, have been a […]

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