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June 2015 | Austbrokers Terrace Insurance | Adelaide | Melbourne

Professional Persons Policy

A benefit for all professionals We at Austbrokers Terrace take great pride in the pricing and policy conditions we are able to offer those professionals that operate within the Dental Industry. What is even more pleasing is the fact we have the ability to provide this policy to any professionals reconsidering their current insurance program. […]

The Six Components Of Management Liability

Management Liability Pillars For any one wondering about the key components of management liability, we provide a simple synopsis. We hope this is of value to our existing and potential clients as well. Insured persons liability Covers loss arising from claims brought against the directors, officers or employees acting in a managerial or supervisory capacity […]

Serious Cyber Crime Incident

Another Cyber Crime Incident ! The following article is indicative of the inability for Business to combat the ever increasing Cyber Crime epidemic. This class of insurance will become the money cover of a decade ago and it is vital that the public at large recognise this growing exposure before it is too late.  Speak […]

Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law

“It won’t happen to me” The above title could also be ‘famous last words’ The point is , we do ‘get it’.  We all make judgements based on knowledge and history, and make snap decisions daily based on weighing up the risk. We ‘risk’ swimming with 5,000 fellow beachgoers on a hot day knowing that […]

Important Cyber Crime Information

SMALL BUSINESS SCAM WARNING Small businesses have been warned about a rise in ransomware cyber scams, estimated to cause losses of up to $1 million a year. ACCC Deputy Chair Dr Michael Schaper says that the ACCC received more than 2500 ransomware complaints last year. “Several people reported losing over $10,000 to these scams, which […]

Small Business Directors Defined

Are you a small business director?  Small business owners are offered a helping hand with a new online resource explaining roles and responsibilities of company directors. Released by ASIC, the resource may be useful to brokers when initiating discussion with their small business clients about directors and officers insurance. Furthermore, the guide offers a reminder […]

Corporate Travel Claims

CORPORATE TRAVEL CLAIMS SCENARIO AND SOLUTION. At Austbrokers Terrace, we focus on the needs of our commercial clients. Travel, whether for holiday or business, has become a regular part of our busy lives. The following article and attachments are just one example of the functions we can perform as your broker. We trust you find […]

Online Rental Insurance Concerns

Industry cautions holidaymakers over online rental During peak holiday periods, householders are being urged to contact their insurer before renting out their properties to holidaymakers. The popularity of online services such as Airbnb and Stayz that offer peer-to-peer booking services has the appeal of meeting new people and earning extra revenue. However, it leaves homeowners […]

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