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Bird Brain

Bird Brain

A difficult fight to win! Insurers have had to step in after a particularly plucky peacock caused over $6000 dollars’ worth of damage to cars by attacking his own reflection. Percy the peacock has been causing havoc at a countryside visitor attraction in the United Kingdom by getting a little too riled up during breeding […]

Horse SA and ABT

Forging partnerships Austbrokers Terrace pride themselves on forging relationships with organisations that could have a financial benefit for both parties.  Horse SA is another of our clients that we have entered into such an agreement. How does this work? Simply, if you are a member of Horse SA and our company are successful in securing […]

How long should a business retain records?

How long should a business retain records?

Document Retention Ask a business owner how long you should retain your documents, and the answer is likely to be that documents must be kept for a period of seven years after the date on which they were created. This wisdom appears to come from various company law requirements which provide that a company’s financial […]

Fax or Fiction?

Fax or Fiction?

Does your business still need a fax machine? If you had to match specific decades with their most characteristic sounds, you might pair the 1960s with The Beatles, the 1970s with Led Zeppelin, and the 1980s with a peculiar electronic drone: the once-ubiquitous hum of the fax machine. When it came to transferring paper documents, […]

Legislation and Cyber Insurance

A Cyber game changer? Cyber insurance is a hot topic right now and shows no signs of dropping from insurance based conversation. While as an industry, and more specifically as a brokerage, we believe it is an insurance neccessity, the public are not quite ready to pay premiums for covers they may not understand. A cyber […]

A potential belly ache

Food for thought In NSW, restaurant kitchen indiscretions are plastered on a public website for all to see. In Victoria, council officers have the power to shut down hygienic premises. In Queensland, food suppliers that fall afoul of regulations can be fined more than $75,000.These are just some of the risks faced by any business […]

Who would have thought!

 Legendary Rockers tamed by Insurance In the 1960s, it would have seemed that The Who were used to insurance claims following their rumoured penchant for trashing hotel rooms. Nowadays, it seems the legendary rock band have finally learned their lesson and are listening to the powers that be as 71-year-old lead singer, Roger Daltrey, revealed […]

Would a Jurassic World be insurable?

Insuring Dinosaurs On a recent episode of the UK program Mock the Week, a British-Canadian comedian responded to the prompt “Lines You Wouldn’t Hear in a Sci-Fi Movie” with: “The dinosaurs are killing everyone. Why do we keep reopening this park? Who keeps giving us public liability insurance?” As it turns out, however, coverage for […]

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